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Create an online movie for your child in 5 minutes!

1. Select from two magic movies.
2. Enter the child’s name, add a few photos, tell us what your child likes and what you as family dream about.
3. We’ll do the rest. You will receive the finished movie within 1 hour!

A mysterious time machine
+ for siblings + extra scene
Santa’s Magic Book
+ for siblings

A gift for life!

Great emotions

for children and parents!


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A magical family session

Magic Santa is wonderful, the video was the best present for my child.

Mary, mother of Brian (6 years old)

We have been looking for a really special gift for ages. Something that stands out from the mass consumption. We are really happy to have found something that our children will rave about forever.

Jennifer & Chris, parents of Ann (5) & Luke (3)

The film has a super quality and could be individually tailored to my children through its many personalisations. So we rekindled the belief in Santa.

Stephen, Father of two children (2 & 4 years old)

What a beautiful Christmas idea. A film that our children will watch over and over again. A gift that makes children's eyes light up!

Susan, mother of Sarah (9), Jack (6) and Tyler (2)

How will you personalize your video?

Enter the name of the child
Add photos of the child
Choose what the child likes
Choose a family dream

How it works?

1. Why is Magic Santa the perfect gift for children?

Christmas is approaching and you are looking for a tailor-made gift idea for your child, your grandchildren or maybe the neighbour’s children? You’ve already worked through your wish list, but you’re still missing that certain something? Or you can’t celebrate with your loved ones but still want to give them a special moment?

Father Christmas and his elves can help you with all that!

You can create and personalise our film from the comfort of your own home in three easy steps. We add a pinch of magic and you have a gift that will make children’s eyes light up. And all this can be done at the last minute, because with the fastest delivery option you’ll get the film in less than an hour – even on Christmas Eve 😉

2. A name is not on the list. What can I do?

We have made sure that there are as many names as possible to choose from. In some cases, however, it can happen that the elves have overlooked something when transferring Santa’s list. Then one or the other name is not available this year.

In this case, however, there is the option of choosing one of the many loving words with which Santa will address your child/children. So you can still order, because the personalised photos, hobbies and activities will still make it a very personal gift!

3. In what form do I get the film?

The film will be delivered as a link directly to your email inbox and will also appear under “My Account” on this website. You have two options: Download the film or watch it online. We recommend that you download the film as this guarantees that you can watch the film without loss of quality and for an unlimited time.

Please note that after Christmas the video will only be available for download in your account until 31.01. and will then be completely deleted for data protection reasons.

4. The email with the film has not arrived. What can I do?

Please check your SPAM folder first. Some email providers just can’t believe that you are really getting mail from Father Christmas.

If you don’t find anything there either, please click on “My Account” on this website. As soon as the video is ready (depending on the option you have chosen), it will be displayed here. Then you can simply download it directly from there.

5. Are my data and images confidential and protected?


This point is most important to us. The description “personalised film” already says that the film will contain your private moments, but don’t worry: the data and photos you provide will only be used by us to process your order and never for any other purpose. After your download link expires, everything will be completely deleted.

For more information on this topic, please also read our privacy policy.

6. What do I have to pay attention to when uploading the photos so that they are displayed correctly?

On the one hand, the resolution of the photos should of course be sufficient so that they can be reproduced in the video in a high quality.

In addition, when you add photos to your order, we tell you which orientation (vertical/horizontal) looks best. We also have an example of this in our explainer video. During the ordering process, you can click on the golden magnifying glass to see how the uploaded image will look at the end of the film.

Tip: If you have problems adding a photo in your preferred orientation (vertical/horizontal), you can always add a square photo. Then it should work in any case.

7. When will the film be ready?

You can decide yourself in the order process when delivery should take place:

The elves create the film within the normal delivery time of 24 hours.

If you need something quicker, Rudolf and his gang can deliver within 6 hours.

And if you’re in a hurry, Santa has a few magic tricks up his sleeve. Then you’ll have the film in no more than an hour.

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Duration: 16:24 | Shipping: 1h | 6h | 24h | Story dynamic
Watching now: 19 people Just bought: 1 people

Santa has an important conversation and checks if your child is in the Magic Book. He also discovers that he must have his magic wardrobe inspected. Mischief causes a mysterious time-machine to fail. Is Christmas in danger this year? It will be funny and extremely exciting!

Duration: 11:32 | Shipping: 1h | 6h | 24h | Story calm
Watching now: 12 people Just bought: 1 people

Santa reveals a Magic Book with photos of your child. He tells about the Elves, the relations between children and adults, and what is most beautiful about Christmas. Will he tell the children how he drops presents at their home? Find out during an emotional family session!