Magic Santa movie is a fantastic Christmas gift for children. We are parents ourselves and we are simply tired of the festival of material toys. We wanted to give children unique emotions and a positive message from Santa.

We share it with you.


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Extra scene
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Duration: 16:24 | Shipping: 1h | 6h | 24h | Story dynamic
Watching now: 15 people Just bought: 1 people

Santa has an important conversation and checks if your child is in the Magic Book. He also discovers that he must have his magic wardrobe inspected. Mischief causes a mysterious time-machine to fail. Is Christmas in danger this year? It will be funny and extremely exciting!

Duration: 11:32 | Shipping: 1h | 6h | 24h | Story calm
Watching now: 15 people Just bought: 3 people

Santa reveals a Magic Book with photos of your child. He tells about the Elves, the relations between children and adults, and what is most beautiful about Christmas. Will he tell the children how he drops presents at their home? Find out during an emotional family session!